Plasma Technology

bubbler for liquid and solid precursors

Liquid or Solid Source
Delivery System ("Bubbler")

glovebox for precursor change
(on the FlexAL based on the
Plasmalab System 100)


Precursor delivery modules for liquid and solid precursors

Up to 4 precursors are available per system.

EPM: External Precursor Modules
precursors deemed dangerous are housed in semi compliant heated
ovens with extraction and purge. Glove box attachment to the front of
precursor pod provides comfort and safety during bubbler change over.

IPM: Internal Precursor Modules
precursors, one of which is water for thermal ALD, are housed inside
the system. The ovens are integral to the system and may heat the
solid and liquid precursors up to 150 deg C.

Precursor pots having fill volumes up to 2 litres may be fitted inside the
oven. Housekeeping valves are provided for initial setting of the pots
and also enable safe operation of the precursor delivery system.
Delivery lines from ovens to the chamber may be heated using custom
heater jackets for the most uniform heating, lines may be heated up
to 180°C and contain fast dosing and purging valves.

Precursors may be delivered either by vapour draw or bubbling into
the chamber. Bubbbling is achieved by an Argon MFC and purge is
achieved by an inert gas MFC, which may be argon or nitrogen.
Both Argon and Nitrogen can be automatically diverted between
the chamber, the bubblers and the pump to ensure fast cycle times.

The selection of delivery module is dependent on the
precursor vapour pressure.
Additional precursor delivery modules can be retrofitted.


bubbler with SS cover on the OPAL
(based on the Plasmalab 80 Plus)


grey valves: supplied with bubbler

blue valves: "housekeeping valves"
Ar or N2 inlet/ outlet/ bypass
set only once for defining the operation mode
(bubbling or vapour draw)

red valves: fast ALD valves (< 10 msec)
purge line valve and dose valve


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