Plasma Technology

OPT's  PC  System Control Concept

Safe Control via PLCs for each module user Interface: PC with Sofware under Window

4 password levels: operator, process engineer, manager, service

full datalogging of all events incl filters for indication datalog files can be read by other software,
e g EXCELdatalogging incl wafer/ batch IDs system

vent/ pump pages: with loadlock, hex cluster, dual 100

indication af ALL requested and actual parameters on one page

flexible menue driven cluster/ cassette programming system

schematics with valve positions

automatic mode for running pre-programmed recipies

manual mode for changing parameters during process

service mode for service engineers overriding interlocks

"private" and public" process recipies

full integration of optical emission end point detection

full integration of laser interferometrer with camera and in situ rate measurement

automatic leak detection software module

automatic MFC calibration software module

Cassette operation with dedicated process for each wafer

additional features (optional):
   power/ bias control
   "plasma on" option for multistp processing
   "jump" function
   "pause" function
   ignore tolerances
   gas chopping

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