Plasma Technology  

Plasmalab System 100


Anisotropic Al RIE with minimal linewidth loss: 0.5 µm lines

OPT application lab:
1.5 µm deep Al/Si etch
(PR mask in place)


Plasmalab 80 Plus
Plasmalab System 100
Plasmalab System 133

Parallel Plate Configuration
RIE-Mode ( 13.56 MHz)

3 Step Cl-Process:
(i)   High Bias Al2O3 Breakthrough
(ii)  Anisotropic Bulk Etch
(iii) High Selectivity Overetch




0.2 µm Al RIE/ 2 kB

0.2 µm Al lines


with kind permission of:
  Institute of Electron Technology
  Dr Piotr Grabiec

The SEM shows 0.2 and 0.5 µm wide Al lines (photoresist not removed)

rate: 0.1 µm/ min

Selectivity to the Photoresist Mask: 3 : 1

Selectivity to underlying  SiO2: 12 : 1

Uniformity  < ± 5  %

optical emission for end point detection:
intensity vs etch time

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