Plasma Technology  

Stress control durings deposition of Al2O3

Densification of Co3O4 with ion bombardment


TiO2: XRD analysis
No bias: anatase (above 250C)
50 to 150 V bias: anatase and rutile
200 V bias: rutile

with kind permission of
TU Eindhoven


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ALD with ion bombardment



ALD schematic
valve between remote ICP source
and chamber,
spectroscopic ellipsometry optional



Why remote plasma ALD ?

A "remote plasma" makes sure, the substrates
are NOT in contact with the plasma !

The remote plasma just cracks molecules,
so that very reactive species can be used
for the growth process.

Such reactive species often enable a very
efficient plasma preclean/ conditioning of the
substrates, lead to cleaner films and lower
the deposition temperature.

In Oxford systems it is possible to run
ALD processes using
- the thermal only method
- ozone assisted processes
- remote plasma assisted processes
together without any hardware change.
Multiple step processes using all technologies
can be chosen from the software.








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