Plasma Technology  

Cross-sectional view by scanning electron
microscopy (SEM) of 40 nm pitch grating into HSQ film (top) and
after deposition of around 4 nm of alumina film (bottom). A 2–3 nm
gold film has been deposited to prevent from charging. The
trench height for both patterns is ~30nm.

C. Peroz, S. Dhuey, M. Cornet, M. Vogler, D. Olynick, S. Cabrini,
Nanotechnology, 23 (2012) 015305

Open Loaded ALD
Atomic Layer Deposition


ALD can deposit
highly conformal decorative coatings.


Highly conformal SiO2 growth by
remote plasma ALD
over a 30 : 1 aspect ratio trench

Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) for decoration in failure analysis

70 nm wide tube
100 µm long

highly conformal ZnO growth
with optimised process conditions

ALD schematic
valve between remote ICP source
and chamber,
spectroscopic ellipsometry optional

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