Plasma Technology  

processing options:
a - normal ALD sequence
b - normal PECVD sequence
c - pulsed plasma ICP PECVD (in the ALD system)
d - pulsed flow ICP PECVD (in the ALD system)



The Al2O3 film propoerties are comparable
with remote plasma ALD,
but the deposition rates are typical for PECVD films !

ALD system for pulsed flow Al2O3 ICP - PECVD

precursor: TMA (tri methyl aluminium)

temperature controlled vapour draw
dose control by fast pulse ALD valve

gas: O2 (plasma)

deposition temperature: 100° - 300° C

deposition rate: 5 - 15 nm/ min

density 3.3 g/cm3 (at 300° C)
H content ca 2.2 at % (at 300° C)

with kind permission of TU Eindhoven
(G. Dingemans et al, Phys Status Solidi PRL 4, 10 (2010)










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