Plasma Technology  

Optical emission during Cr ion beam etching:
A quarter wafer was loaded in a non center position.


with kind permission of:   Uni Jena
Inst. fuer Angewandte Physik,  Dr J Fuchs
The SEM-picture shows a 200 nm period grating.
It is fabricated by EBL of a primary resist.
Afterwards the underlying 10 nm chromium layer
is structured by Ar-IBE. The polymer is subsequently
structured by Ar-O2-RIBE. Both etch stops
are controlled by OES for enhanced reproducibility.

Necessary open area for reliable etch stop:
Cr, polymer: 8 cm²
Al, Au, Si, SiO2,W 20 cm²


Polymer RIBE:
clear end point signal


Cr IBE and Polymer RIBE using Optical Emission EPD

IBE / RIBE / CAIBE technologies
(and ion beam deposition)

Ionfab 300 Plus (with vacuum loadlock)

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