Plasma Technology  

OPT application lab:
8 µm deep CMT etch
PR mask still in place
controllable profile

Inductive Coupled Plasma

Inductive Coupled Plasma ICP - RIE
Very efficient substrate cooling

rate 0.05 to 0.5 µ/ min
very low bias / damage process
selectivity > 10:1 to resist
                 > 20:1 to SiO2 or SiNx
uniformity < +/- 4 % (50mm diameter)
excellent profile control


3.5 µm deep anisotropic, low damage etch


4 µm deep anisotropic, low damage etch

HgCdTe (CMT) Low Energy ICP Etching

50 µm wide structures in CMT
Courtesy of SITP China


Plasmalab 80 Plus
with cover for the ICP65

Plasmalab System 100:
(cluster with ICP and RIE)

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