Plasma Technology  

SEM and EDS (inset) of CNT (Carbon nanotube)
with diameter of 45nm and AR=40 grown in
the Nanofab chamber

SEM and EDS (inset) of CNT coated with 25 nm Pt
by remote plasma ALD
. It is possible to deposit films onto CNTs
without the need for any predeposition surface functionalization.
Pt ALD done the FlexAL chamber

Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Growth and Pt ALD in one cluster

dual chamber system:
CNT growth - ALD
(chamber 1: Nanotube growth and PECVD,
chamber 2: thermal + remote plasma ALD)

OPT offers a variety of square and hexagonal cluster system
with modules for:
Dry Etching
Plasma Deposition
Nanowire Growth
Atomic Layer Deposition
Ion Beam Processing
Magnetron Sputtering
Vacuum suitcase to transfer to Omicron UHV analysis systems




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