Plasma Technology  

OPT application lab:
DLC deposition in a parallel plate system

excellent passivation for high voltage devices
due to its high breakdown voltage (> 1.750 Volt for 120 nm),
low leakage and hard surface properties


Plasmalab NGP 80

HR-TEM picture, 200kV, elastically filtered
taken by TU Chemnitz, showing the interface
of a 200 nm amoprhous DLC film deposited
on a Si wafer at the OPT application lab


Cassette to Cassette Cluster System
for Production (passivating power devices)

Parallel Plate Reactor

DLC stands for "diamond like carbon".
It is used as a protective coating and for
very high quality electrical passivations layers.

-  good adhesion on Si, polymers, SiO2
-  rate: 15 - 50 nm/ min
-  uniformity per wafer: 3/ 5 % (4/ 6")
-  low deposition temperature
-  refractive index 2.4
-  high electrical breakdown field
-  dielectric constant approx. 8
-  semiconducting devices become radiation hard
-  doping with nitrogen or boron possible
-  thermal conductivity variable, up to 700W/m-K

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