Plasma Technology  

Ionfab 300 Plus

Ion Beam Deposition (reactive from the source)

DLC by Ion Beam Deposition

OPT application lab:
DLC deposition in an ion beam system

good adhesion on Si, polymers, SiO2
-    rate: 15 - 25 nm/ min
-    Knoop hardness at 10 g load: 17.3 GPa (on Si)
-    Moh hardness 9, Vickers microhardness 2000-5000kg/mm2.
-    room temperature deposition
-    optically transparent, thicker films look yellow or light brown.


-Protection of plastic lenses from scratches
-Protective coating (hermetic barrier) for optical disks, fibre optics, bio implants
-Wear resistant coating for hard disk heads
-Protective coating for cutting tools, reducing friction between tool and job
-Protective coating for optical and infra-red windows, reducing scratch damage

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