Plasma Technology  

Si tips etched in Si coated with
ICP - PECVD (nanocrystaline)
diamond like carbon

tip radius before DLC: 2 nm
after DLC coating: 10 nm

Plasmalab System 100
with ICP source
and vacuum loadlock

DLC PECVD by ICP for Si tip field emission arrays

TEM cannot reveal the
nanocrystalites below 10 nm

depostion rate: 10 nm/ min
excellent adhesion on Si
uniformity < +/- 3%
emission current from a single tip: 100 µmA
sp3 content depending on the bias
room temperature PECVD

Fowler Nordheim plots of Si field emitter arrays
with and without DLC coating

self aligned gate electrode formation
Si tips with 50 nm DLC

Incuctive Coupled Plasma
The etch and deposition
configurations are identical !


with kind permission of:
  Uni Kassel
  Technische Physik
  Dr I Rangelow/
ITE Warszawa
Dr Grabiec

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