Plasma Technology  

Prof Jo uses his Plasmalab System 100 for
etching Si using an SF6/ O2 process at low temperature.
He has chosen Oxfords wide temperature range substrate
electrode (- 150° C - + 300° C) and Helium backside
cooling to establish an excellent thermal contact.

The advantages of the low temperature etching are the
high rates combined with high selectivities and smooth
walls as the process does not use a polymer formation
step to achieve the excellent anisotropy.

with kind permission of:
  Prof. Yuhwa Lo
  Research Group, Nano3, UCSD.

ICP technology

Plasmalab System 100
with ICP180 and loadlock

Single step deep Si etching at low temperatures

0.3 µm diameter pillars
etched highly anisotropic
at > 10 : 1 aspect ratio

10 µm deep pillars
with very smooth walls

100 µm deep anisotropic etch

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