Plasma Technology  

Bosch etched trenches with AR 80

13nm scallops


Marathon test for process stability over 7 weeks:
Etch Rate 6.3 µm/min ± 1.6%
Profile 90.0° ± 0.18%

PlasmaPro Estrelas
with ICP and loadlock

The process can be optimised for:
etch rate > 25 µm/ min (10 % open area)
selectivity to PR mask > 250 : 1
selectivity to SiO2 mask > 500 : 1
aspect ratio > 70 : 1
scallop size < 10 nm
notching < 10 nm (SOI kit)
uniformity < +/- 3 % (200 mm wafer)

Nano Bosch, 200nm pitch, AR 45

Tapered TSV with cryo process

No Notching with SOI-Kit, Bosch

Estrelas for deep Si Etching

link to homepage email to OPT

X-Ray lens with compensation feature, 75µm deep
courtesy of STFC Diamond Light Source

120µm micro-grass (Black-Si), Bosch
courtesy of TU Ilmenau

ICP technology

SOI MEMS with <0.25% area
SiF line and first derivative


red: SiF line during SOI etch
orange: SiF Max over the previous cycle
blue: 1st derivative of the orange line


no mask undercut, scallops < 50nm
courtesy of STFC Diamond Light Source


End Point Detection by Optical Emission
for stopping on SiO2
for SOI and TSV applications