Plasma Technology  

Dr Franz uses his Plasmalab System 90 (replaced by the Plasmalab System 100 as shown) with a dual magnet ECR source and the Plasmalab System 90 Plus in RIE configuration for highly anisotropic as well as low damage etching of 3/5's. The ICP technology has replaced the ECR technology in 1994 - 1997. see ICP vs ECR

with kind permission of:
  Siemens Munich, ZT KM 4
  Dr G Franz

Plasmalab System 100
with ICP 380 source

ICP technology

100 µm deep Anisotropic GaAs ICP Etching



The SEM shows a 95 µm deep etch

Trilevel Resist mask (not removed)

rate: > 1 µm/ min

Uniformity  < ± 1  % (2")

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*High-rate etching of GaAs using chlorine atmospheres doped with a Lewis acid
  Dr Gerhard Franz, Siemens Research Laboratories Munich
  J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 16(3), May/ June 1998, p 1542 - 1546