Plasma Technology  

Uni Duisburg uses the Plasmalab RIE 80  System for Chlorine based RIE process. The etcher is equipped with a Nitrogen glove box to prevent water vapour entering the process chamber.

The photo shows the Plasmalab 80 Plus, which has replaced the Plasmalab 80.

with kind permission of:
  University of Duisburg
  Inst. fuer Halbleiterphysik
  Hr Josef, Dr Prost, Prof Tegude

RIE technology

Plasmalab 80 Plus
with Nitrogen Glove Box

GaAs Via Holes RIE Etching


250 µm deep via hole
no crystallographic effect
rate 1 µm/ min
Selectivity to PR 30 : 1

10 µm deep anisotropic etch
aspect ratio 10 : 1
rate 300 nm/ min
Selectivity to AlGaAs 1.000 : 1

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