Plasma Technology  

Siemens uses an AMR with an Electron Cyclotron
Resonance Source (ECR) for Chlorine based
processes such as GaAs etching for HEMT's and
MESFET's. The Chlorine etcher is equipped with
a vacuum loadlock. The current process works
on the Plasmalab System 100. The ICP technology
has replaced the ECR technology in 1994 - 1997.
see ICP vs ECR

Plasmalab System 100
with ICP 380 source

ICP technology

Low Damage Anisotropic InGaAs/ GaAs Etching with ICP



The SEM shows a 3 µm deep etch (photoresist not removed).

rate: 50 nm/ min

selectivity to the Photoresist  Mask: 15 : 1

uniformity  < ± 5  %

with kind permission of:
  Siemens Munich ZFE
  Hr Schleicher

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