Plasma Technology  

The University of Glasgow uses a loadlocked
OPT AMR system with a dual magnet ECR source
for the Chlorine based quantum dot etching.

The ICP technology has replaced the ECR
technology in 1994 - 1997. see ICP vs ECR.

The photo shows the Plasmalab System 100,
which has replaced the AMR.

with kind permission of:
Uni Glasgow
Dept. Electronics & Electrical Engineering
Dr Y.P. Song, Prof. C.D.W. Wilkinson (UK)

ICP - RIE technology

Plasmalab System 100
with loadlock and ICP source

GaAs Quantum Dots by ICP RIE

Plasmalab 80 Plus
Plasmalab System 100/ 133

Inductive Coupled Plasma ICP - RIE*
Cl based process
*original work by ECR, see:

Low damage process:
Anisotropic etching
No residues








0.15 µm x 0.15 µm
quantum dots
height ca 0.7 µm

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