Plasma Technology  

GaN Nanorods with Aspet Ratio of up to 20 : 1
have been etched in ICP - RIE mode.

with kind permission
Philip Shields, University of Bath



6 µm deep GaN rod etching
a) at 60° C, b) at 150° C

ICP schematic

GaN Nanorod ICP Etching


dual chamber cluster: ICP / RIE

Ni mask defined by nanoimprint
lithography and lift off technology


Reactive Ion Etching
with ICP Source (13.56 MHz)
Inductive Coupled Plasma
13.56 MHz Plasma Excitation
Process chemistry: Cl based
RF driven substrate electrode

Rate : ca 0.5µm/ min

Selectivity to Ni mask ca 50 : 1

anisotropic profile

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