Plasma Technology  

SEM picture

Uni Kassel: 15.8 µm deep etch

SEM picture

Uni Kassel: 70° wall

Plasmalab 80 Plus with Nitrogen Glove Box/ 9 kB

Plasmalab 80 Plus

GaP/(AlxGa(1-x))0.5In0.5P/AlGaAs/GaAs - RIE with 70° walls

RIE schematic/ 8kBRIE

Dr Daleiden uses his Plasmalab 80 Plus RIE System for Chlorine based processes for III/ V RIE applications. The Chlorine etcher is equipped with a Nitrogen glove box to prevent water vapour entering the process chamber.

15.8 µm deep etch at the required 70° wall angle in 15 min
mask: 5.5 µm photoresist
selectivity: 4 : 1

with kind permission
Dr. Daleiden
Head of III/V-Technology
Institute of Microstructure Technology and Analytics
Uni Kassel

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