Plasma Technology  

Plasmalab System 100
ICP- RIE, with loadlock

courtesy of KTH Stockholm
25nm half pitch Ge grating
selectivity to the Ti mask > 20 : 1
310 nm high (AR 12.4:1)
(Cl based ICP process, gas chopping)

courtesy of KTH Stockholm
25nm half pitch 150 nm deep Ge grating
Ni mask (60 nm left)
(F based ICP process)

Ge Nanoscale and deep Dry Etching

Reactive Ion Etching
with ICP Source (13.56 MHz)
Inductive Coupled Plasma
13.56 MHz Plasma Excitation
RF driven substrate electrode

with kind permission of
KTH Stockholm
Dr. Anders Holmberg, Biomedical and x-ray physics



OPT applications lab:
100 µm deep SiGe etch
Etch rate ~2.8 µm/min
Sidewall profile 90 ±1º
Selectivity to PR ~30:1

ICP schematic

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