Plasma Technology  


SEM image of CVD graphene with Ni foil
(orange arrow pointed to wrinkle)

Example of Raman spectrum for CVD graphene
(multi layer)


Substrate: Ni or Cu foil

Pretreatment: H2 atmosphere or low temperature plasma treatment

Temperature up to 1.200° C

Precursor: C2H2 or CH4


Raman spectra of NCG on thermally
grown SiO2, sapphire and quartz glass
Collaboration with Southampton University
(Graphene 2012, Brussels)


Substrate: Insulation substrate (No catalyst)
Process: Plasma-based
Temperature: 650° C or above
Precursor: CH4+H2


SEM image of NCG on SiO2


Graphene Growth



Substrate: Insulation substrate, conductive substrate (with or without catalyst)

Process: Plasma-based

Precursor: CH4+H2

Nanofab tool for preparation of graphene:

Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD)

Plasma-based nanocrystalline graphene (NCG)

Plasma-based vertical graphene (graphene flower)


Plasma-based vertical graphene (graphene flower)
Collaboration with IMEC (Carbon, 2013, Vol.58, 59)


HRTEM images of vertical graphene
with edges of 4 graphene sheets


Photograph of 200mm wafer
With vertical graphene





(parallel pate version with
with flexible vapour delivery system)



(with high density remote ICP plasma)








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