Plasma Technology  

SEM InP/ InGaAs etch

ICP RIE schematic/ 8 kB

ICP layout

SEM GaP/ InGaAlP etch

III/ V Heterostructure ICP Etching

SEM AlGaN/ GaN etch

Plasmalab System 100 photo

Plasmalab System 100
with loadlock and ICP180 source

top left SEM:
InP/InGaAs etch rate 0.9µm/ min
selectivity to SiN 8 : 1

top right SEM:
GaP/InGaAlP etch rate > 0.6µm/ min
selectivity to SiO2 > 8 : 1

bottom left SEM:
AlGaN/ GaN etch
GaN etch rate > 0.6 µm/min
Sel to Oxide >7:1
Anisotropic profile
Smooth sidewalls
Clean etch surface

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