Plasma Technology  

mirror spectrum

36-layer 30deg 633nm mirror

Note: The lhs peak is lower than the rhs, showing that there is optical absorption in
the SiO2 layers. The Ta2O5 layers were relatively perfect. The system can make
better SiO2 than this, but in a production coater there are some practical advantages
in not making better SiO2 than this.

Ionfab 500 Plus

High Quality Mirror Coatings (Ionfab 500 Plus)

Deposition Rates:
> 66 Å/min (SiO2)
> 54 Å/min (Ta2O5)
> 33 Å/min (TiO2)

Uniformity across 10” planet
<± 2 % (7 mm
without uniformity shield

Repeatability <± 2 %, <± 0.001 R.I.

Uniformity <± 0.0005 R.I.

Mirror losses < 6 - 8 ppm for SiO2/Ta2O5 mirrors have been achieved,
< 40 ppm guaranteed before shipment.
Loss readings are subject to suitable substrate and clean room conditions
being of a suitably high quality.

Surface roughness increase < 0.02 nm RMS
for initial substrates < 0.07 nm RMS

Ion Beam Deposition
in the Ionfab 500 Plus
large batch system

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