Plasma Technology  


Dr Lamontagne uses his Ionfab 300 for
CAIBE processing of III-V semiconductors.
It is equipped with a filamentless 15 cm RF
source and a filamentless Plasma Bridge
Neutraliser (PBN).

The photo shows the Ionfab 300 Plus,
which has replaced the Ionfab 300.

with kind permission of*:
National Research Council, Ottawa
Institute for Microstructural Sciences
Dr Boris Lamontagne 

5 µm deep CAIBE/

SEM picture of a layer grown on the
patterned substrate showing
the (111) B facets: These were
measured to be atomically flat by AFM.

InP CAIBE aspect ratio 2 : 1/

SEM image of the patterned
substrate before growth:
The etched ridge is in the
(011) direction.

InGaAs/ InP CAIBE: deep undercut mesas

chemically assisted ion beam etching

Ionfab 300 Plus

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