Plasma Technology  


OPT application lab:
1.2 µm deep, high aspect ratio anisotropic
CH4/ H2 based etch in InP

RIE technology

Plasmalab System 100

InP DFB Laser RIE Etching

Plasmalab 80 Plus

Parallel Plate Reactor
Shower Head Gas Inlet
13.56 MHz Plasma Excitation
a) CH4 / H2 based at room temperature
b) CH4 / H2 / Cl2 based at ca. 200 °C

Rate :
a) 50 - 100 nm/min
b) 100 - 200 nm /min
Mask: Photoresist or SiO2
Profile: anisotropic, no undercut
Bottom: smooth
Wall: very slight roughness
Uniformity: + 5%


OPT application lab:
1µm deep, anisotropic etch
aspect ratio 7 : 1

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