Plasma Technology  

Inductive Coupled Plasma Etching

Plasmalab System 100
with ICP180 source and loadlock

ICP-Etching of InP/InGaAsP for photonic integrated circuits


             60° C                            100° C                       150°C                              200°C

top SEMs with the wafers clamper for good thermal contact
lower SEMs without good thermal contact, i e heating up fast
InCl only volatile at higher temperatures


Full DBR after planarisation

1st order - BCB filled                          1st order - air filled


Best results for ICP-etch of InP/InGaAsP:
- Higher temperatures favourable
- RF-Power ratio of deep etch against shallow etch
~4:1for the ICP RF power
~1:1 for the RF power applied to the substrate electrode
- High aspect ratios achieved

Courtesy of Boudewijn Docter
Optoelectronic Devices Group
Technical University of Eindhoven

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