Plasma Technology  

Plasmalab System 100
with loadlock and ICP source


15 µm deep, anisotropic ECR etch into InP


3 µm etch through a InP/ InGaAsP heterostructure

InP/ InGaAsP low damage, anisotropic ICP Etching

2.5 µm deep, anisotropic Etch (Al2O3 mask)
1.5 µm deep, anisotropic Etch (Si3N4 mask)
Rates: 100 nm/ min in InP
Selectivity In : InGaAsP 1 : 1
Uniformity over 3": <= +/- 3 %

Inductive Coupled Plasma ICP - RIE*
13.56 MHz driven electrode
Cl based process
*original work by ECR, see:

with kind permission of:
  Infineon Munich, ZT KM 4
  Dr G Franz

ICP - RIE technology

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