Plasma Technology  

ITO ICP etch

ITO ICP etching

ICP layout

rate : ca 80 nm/ min
uniformity: <= ± 3 % (4")
selectivity to PR: ca 2.25
anisotropic profile
SEMs: 100 nm deep ITO ICP etch

Plasmalab System 100
with loadlock and ICP180 source

ITO Reactive Ion Etching (ICP RIE)

RIE technology

rate : ca 20 nm/ min
uniformity: <= +/- 3.5 % (4")
selectivity to PR: ca 0.4
for 20° wall angle

Plasmalab 80 Plus


ITO Reactive Ion Etching

The SEM's show a 125 nm
deep etch with 20 deg wall
angle photoresist mask still in
place on bottom SEM
wall angle defined by
photoresist erosion
(OPT Application lab/ Yatton, UK)

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