Plasma Technology  

magnetron sputtering
pulsed DC magnetron

XRD crystal structure determination of
100nm ITO deposited onto thermal SiO2
showing (222) and (400) orientations
for a film deposited at 200°C

OPT application lab:
Sputtered ITO film with
< 2 nm surface roughness

ITO Magnetron Sputtering

Plasmalab System 400
(max four 200 mm targets or
five 125 mm or six 100 mm targets)

Magnetron Sputtering
rotating table
electrical table heating

ITO Target 90% In2O3 + 10% SnO2
Sputtering gas Ar
Additional gas Oxygen
pulsed DC magnetron mode

Average Optical Transmission
  at 400-1200 nm > 90 %
Deposition Rate 2 - 30 nm/min
Resistivity < 4x 10-4 ohm cm

Uniformity < ± 5 % over 150 mm
(without uniformity mask,
uniformity masks improve the uniformity
at the expense of rate.)

Surface Roughness Ra < 2 nm

Refractive Index 1.95—2.10
dependent on the O2 flow


Average Optical Transmission at 400-1200nm > 90 %

Plasmalab System 400
with vacuum loadlock



Resistivity measured on 100nm ITO films
deposited onto 500 nm thermal oxide

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