Plasma Technology  

courtesy of Uni Bristol
Prof Siyuan Yu
1 µm deep ICP etch of LiTaO3
SF6/O2 process at 200 nm/ min
(LiNbO3 epitaxially grown subsequently
by Prof Pam Thomas, University of Warwick)

Plasmalab System 100
with loadlock
and ICP380 source

ICP technology

LiTaO3 Dry Etching

OPT application lab:
3.4 µm deep LiTaO3 etch (PR mask)

Piezoelectric devices and SAWs
(Surface Accoustic Waves)

Process F based

Etch rate > 25 nm/min
Selectivity > 5:1 to Cr mask, > 0.5:1 to PR mask
Uniformity <±  4% (2” wafer)
Profile 60-70°

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