Plasma Technology  

 µc Si can be deposited by:

parallel plate PECVD
(13 MHz/ 81 MHz)

µc Si can also be deposited by
"remote plasma" PECVD.

The "remote" plasma only
cracks the molecules in a region
"remote" from the substrate

System 100 Pro
a - Si and µc - Si PECVD
TCO Sputtering

µc Si PECVD Deposition

Plasmalab System 100

Plasmalab 80 Plus/ 800 Plus
Plasmalab System 100/ 133

Parallel Plate Reactor
13 and/ or 81 MHz
Shower Head Gas inlet
SiH4 based process
(PH3 , B2H6 for doping)


phosphorous doped µc-Si:H layers:
Dark conductivity > 2 S/cm
Depositon rate > 4 nm/min
Thickness uniformity: <± 3-4 %
Photo conductivity uniformity < ±10%

boron doped µc-Si:H layers:
Dark conductivity > 0.1 S/cm
Deposition rate > 4 nm/min
Photo conductivity uniformity < ±10%

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