Plasma Technology  

wide temperature window


Crystalline over the entire window
GI-XRD scans of ALD MgF2
deposited at 100 and 250° C
and the corresponding grain orientations
identified by comparison with reference spectra

MgF2 ALD for optical applications

95 mm concave mirror and
20 mm convex diffraction gratings
coated with electron beam evaporated
aluminum and a protective coating
of 10 nm ALD MgF2 deposited at 150° C

with kind permission of

MgF2 is interesting for optical applications due to high band gap and low refractive index.

ALD of MgF2 using Mg(EtCp)2 and HF
on OpAL at 100-250 °C.

Low roughness (~1 nm at 200 °C)









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