Plasma Technology  

magnetron sputtering

Mo Magnetron Sputter Deposition

Hole 100um x 200um
Top: 199nm - Halfway: 79nm - Bottom: 66nm

Hole 50um x 190um
Top: 200nm - Halfway: 40nm - Bottom: 35nm

Hole 25um x 160um
Top: 196nm - alfway: <10nm (visible on the SEM images but very thin) -
Bottom: <10nm (visible on the SEM images but very thin)

The SEMs show 200 nm Mo deposited on
2 : 1 to 10: 1 aspect ratio lines, which are up to 200 µm deep.
There is a continuous metal film
on the walls, even into the notch
at the bottom corners !



Plasmalab System 400 (max 4 200 mm targets)

Magnetron Sputtering
rotating table

> 20 nm/ min in rotating (batch) mode
Resistivity ~ 12.4 µ
low stress
uniformity: +/- 2% (4” wafer)
excellent step coverage

Plasmalab System 400
with vacuum loadlock

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