Plasma Technology  


Raman spectrum shows formation of layered MoS2
Characteristic peaks at 385 cm-1 and 405 cm-1 confirm
the formation of the 2H phase of layered MoS2.
The thickness of the layers can be determined
by analyzing the difference in peak positions.
21 cm-1 indicates 2 layer growth.


EDS data confirms presence of Mo and S with very small Cl content.


see also: MoS2 low temperature growth in the remote plasma FlexAL

MoS2 Growth


Precursors : MoCl5 + H2S

growth temperature: 500 - 900ºC

The growth behaviour is dependant on the substrates and the seeds.

Sapphire and Al2O3 substrates are more suitable than SiO2.

The SEM image shows a continuous film of MoS2
on Sapphire substrate (scratched in the centre to reveal
the contrast between substrate and film)



(parallel pate version with
with flexible vapour delivery system)




(with high density remote ICP plasma)








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