Plasma Technology  

Etch Mode: IBE
Rotating substrate with adjustable tilt
Ion source: 15 or 30 cm, MHz driven
Ion Optics: High Uniformity
Neutralisation: filamentfree PBN

10 minutes etch time for a 50 nm stack
(slow in order to stop in the critical layer,
1 nm Al2O3)

Excellent control of low energy etching, allows a process window up to 30 seconds to stop in the critical layers.

SIMS is essential to give control of such precise etching.

Uniformity: ± 3 - 5 %
depending on source and wafer size

Ionfab 300 Plus

Ion Beam Etching IBE

MRAM Ion Beam Etching (IBE)

SIMS: Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy, Courtesy of Hiden

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