Plasma Technology  

117 nm wide features etched in SiO2
profile angle 83°
etch mask: HSQ/ 40 nm Ti
(Ti dry etched by Cl based process)
Rate : 30 nm/ min
neglegible trenching
very smooth sidewalls

with kind permission
AMO Aachen, Mr Moormann, Dr Lemme

OPT application lab:
fused silica stamp etch
30 nm features to 200 nm depth
85 nm/ min, > 200 : 1 selectivity to the Cr mask

with kind permission
B. Bilenberg, NIL Technology (DK)

High resolution imprint result

The residual resist at the bottom has to be removed
by an O2 based etch process.


Descum of polystyrene pattern on quartz:
CD constant at 350 nm before (top)
and after descum etch process (bottom)

Nanoimprint template etching in SiO2

Reactive Ion Etching
with ICP source


Plasmalab System 100
with loadlock and ICP180 source

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