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link to RIE technology page RIE

  • O2 based process for best anisotropy

  • etch rates: 50 - 100 nm/ min

  • high selectivity to Ti mask

  • up to 1 µm/ min by Fluorine addition

link to ICP-RIE technology page ICP - RIE

  • rate > 0.5 µm/ min

  • masks: Ti, Al, SiON

  • very good uniformity

  • anisotropic etch

link to IBE/ CAIBE technology page RIBE

  • Ar/ O2 through the RF source

  • etch rate: 50 nm/ min

  • anisotropic etch

  • high aspect ratio

Anisotropic Photoresist RIE/ 5 kB

Deep anisotropic PIQ Etch/ 6 kB

Anisotropic PR RIBE/ 4 kB
OPT Application lab:
10 µm deep, high aspect ratio
OPT Application lab:
50 µm deep, high rate etch
courtesy of FhG Berlin:
0.3 µm lines and spaces (in 1985 !)

0.3 µm wide photoresist RIE/ 6 kB

Anisotropic ECR etch of 10 µm resist/ 4 kB

Courtesy of the PSI Zuerich:
0.3 µm wide spaces etched in photoresist

Courtesy of Siemens Munich ZFE:
10 µm deep photoresist etch by ECR
(SiO2 mask removed)

link   sub micron PR RIE

link   PR- RIE for "trilevel"

link   LIGA technique: deep PMMA RIE

link   Fotoimide Etch for Failure Analysis

link  Anisotropic Photoresist by Gas Chopping

link  PR ECR - RIE for "trilevel"

link  Dry Development of Silylated Resist

link  Deep, anisotropic PR ICP RIE

link  0.1 µm PR ICP etching

link   RIBE of organics