Plasma Technology  

SEMs rhs:
OPT application lab

HBr based process
rate: ca 100 nm/ min
uniformity: <= +/- 5 % (6")
selectivity to SiO2: > 50 : 1
anisotropic profile


SEMs center:
Uni Dortmund: Cl2 based process

The SEM's shows 25 nm and 60 nm lines.
rate: 50 nm/ min
selectivity to Si3N4 mask: > 30 : 1
selectivity to underlying SiO2 > 30 : 1
uniformity  < ± 4  % (100 mm Si wafer)
excellent linewidth control





polySi RIE Etching of 25 nm lines

Plasmalab System 100
with vacuum loadlock

RIE technology

Dr Hilleringmann uses his Plasmalab RIE 80 Master/ Slave System
for Fluorine based RIE process and Chlorine based processes as
Aluminium RIE. The Chlorine etcher is equipped with manual
vacuum loadlock

The photo shows thePlasmalab System 100, which has replaced
the Plasmalab 80 with vacuum loadlock.

with kind permission of:
  University of Dortmund
  Institut fuer Halbleitertechnologie
  Dr Hilleringmann

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