Plasma Technology  


polySi etch with PR mask intact


polySi etch with PR mask intact

26 nm lines etched in polySi
at 50 nm/ min
with very high selectivity to gate oxide
etch mask: HSQ

3 step process:
oxide breakthrough
anisotropic polySi etch
highly selective overetch

Courtesy of AMO Aachen
Microelectronic Engineering, Vol 79-79,
pp. 212-217, 2005
"Highly selective etch process for
silicon-on insulator nano-devices”

Plasmalab System 100
with ICP source and vacuum loadlock

polySi Etching by ICP

ICP - RIE technology


Plasmalab System 100/ 133

Reactive Ion Etching
Inductive Coupled Plasma Source
HBr based process
He backside cooling

Rate : > 120 nm/min
Uniformity: < + 4 %
anisotropic etch
excellent linewidth control
selectivity to resist > 3 : 1
selectivity to SiO2 > 200 : 1

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