Plasma Technology  

FhG Berlin used their Ionfab 300 for RIBE of
organic films as Photoresist. The system was
configured with a filament driven Kaufman
source and later retrofitted with an ECR source
(not recommended today).

The photo and graph show the Ionfab 300 Plus
with RF source, which has replaced the
Ionfab 300 with 15 cm Kaufman source
installed in Berlin.

with kind permission of:
  FhG Berlin (now Itzehoe)
  Mr W Pilz

Ionfab 300 Plus

Anisotropic Photoresist Reactive Ion Beam Etching

Reactive Ion Beam Etching RIBE

1 µm wide lines etched in Photoresist

with kind permission of FhG Berlin:
1.5  µm deep Photoresist etched
at low energy with Si3N4mask

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