Plasma Technology  

Dr Rötting uses his Plasmalab RIE 80 system for O2 RIE processes. The system is only used for this process.

with kind permission of:
  Karlsruhe, IMT

anisotropic photoresist etch

deep anisotropic PMMA RIE (O2)

Plasmalab 80 Plus

RIE technology

LIGA technique: Anisotropic PMMA RIE with high aspect ratio

LIGA technique: process sequence

PMMA RIE:  LIGA technique

Hot embossing is an easy method for the reproduction
of microstructures. Under vacuum, a molding tool is
pressed into a heated thermoplastic polymer.
For subsequent electroforming of metallic complementary
structures, a residual polymer layer that inevitably remains
between substrate and molding tool has to be removed by RIE.

heigth of PMMA structure: 150µm
thickness of removed residual layer: 30µm
narrowest trenches: 8µm
thinnest PMMA-walls: 10µm
vertical etch rate: 6µm/h
horizontal etch rate: 0,7µm/h

device before the etch process
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