Plasma Technology  

75 nm wide and 1 µm deep anisotropic Photoresist Etch

75 nm wide and 1 µm
deep anisotropic etching

ICP RIE technology

Plasmalab 80 Plus

Anisotropic Photoresist Etching by Gas Chopping


Dr Rangelow  uses the Plasmalab 80 RIE
system for Fluorine based RIE and
Microwave Downstream Etching and
another Plasmalab 80 RIE with Nitrogen
glove box for Chlorine based processes. 

The anisotropic etch processes are
done on the Fluorine etcher.

The photo shows the Plasmalab 80 Plus,
which has replaced the Plasmalab 80.

with kind permission of:
  Uni Kassel
  Technische Physik
  Dr I Rangelow

** Nano-Resolution Tri-Level Process
by Downstream-Microwave
RF biased Etching, Dr I.W. Rangelow,
Microelectronic Engineering 17 (1992)
349 - 352 (Elsevier)

array of 75 nm wide antennas/ 6 kB

array of 75 nm x 1 µm antennas

Gas Chopping

permanent switching between an
isotropic etch process and a
passivation process
gases: O2, CHF3, CH4
rate 30 nm/ min

The SiON mask was etched before
in the same system.

The ICP technology has replaced the
MWDS technology used here originally
in 1994 - 1997, see MWDS.

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