Plasma Technology  


- High Rate

- Low Damage

- Excellent reproducibility

- Excellent uniformity

- Up to 200 mm capability

ICP source
mounted on Plasmalab 80 Plus)

ICP - RIE technology

Single wafer photoresist Stripping


Etch Rate: > 900 nm/min

Uniformity: < ±3% (150 mm)

Wafer to wafer : < ±1%

Selectivity (SiO2): > 9.500:1

Particles : < 0.2 cm-2 added

Typical results for a O2/N2O process, higher rates available with CF4 additions.


Single wafer processing provides many advantages over batch processing as long as overall wafer throughput is maintained. The main benefits of single wafer processing are much improved across wafer process uniformity and wafer to wafer uniformity, an important factor to manufacturers of highly sophisticated state of the art integrated circuits. The additional use of a high density source further enhances the performance of the single wafer tool by providing a means of separately controlling ion density and ion energy, a major advantage over older planar single wafer technology in minimising process induced damage.

The Oxford Plasma Technology ICP65 is an inductively coupled plasma source which meets all the requirements of a low damage, high rate resist stripping source and coupled with the proven cassette to cassette performance of the Plasmalab System 100 provides the ideal platform for high throughput high reproducibility single wafer resist stripping. The ICP65 is designed to operate over a wide range of pressures (50 mT to 1000 mT) which provides ultimate control over process performance. A major feature of the design being the low ion density and high reactive neutral density at the wafer surface which results in high rate low damage processes. The system can be configured with a heated grounded electrode, a cooled RF driven electrode or a heated RF driven electrode.

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