Plasma Technology  

Optical fibre alignment trenches
etched in 35 µm PECVD SiO2
at 0.3 µm/ min
Al mask with 96 % coverage

110 µm deep quartz etch
at 0.25 µm/ min
> 70 : 1 selectivity to Cr mask
Cr mask coverage 85 %
vertical profile
clean base

Plasmalab System 100
with loadlock and ICP380 source

Deep Quartz etching by ICP

54 µm deep quartz etch
at 0.22µm/ min
55: 1 selectivity to Ni mask
vertical profile
clean base
(The "striations" are transferred from the Ni mask.)


ICP technology

ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) source
with RF biasing of substrate electrode

13.56 MHz driven substrate electrode

Rate: 150 - 350 nm/min
Selectivity: 50 - 100 :1 to metal (Al, Cr, Ni)
Selectivity: 3 :1 to photoresist
Selectivity: 5 :1 to Si
Profile: anisotropic, smooth walls
90° wall with metal masks
Uniformity: ± 3%

OPT application lab:
25µm deep quartz etch

OPT application lab:
25µm deep quartz etch

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