Plasma Technology  

ICP technology


22 nm wide lines etched with aspect ratio of 7: 1
using e beam resist

Plasmalab System 100
with ICP Source and loadlock

Sub 20 nm cryo ICP Etching


The very thin passivation layer (< 5 nm) makes
sub-10 nm etching possible !
High selectivities to photoresist masks (> 15:1)
have been achieved.
The process is very clean and repeatable.
Very smooth sidewalls

The profile as well as the etch depth are quite sensitive
to etch parameters and the feature size.

-> download poster ( 2.6 MB PDF file)

Pattern transfer of 13-nm
nano-imprinted trenches



The SF6-O2 cryo etching process allows direct patttern transfer
into silicon using imprint resist as the mask
• Over 10:1 selectivity to resist can be achieved for cryo etch.
• Patterns from 80 nm down to sub-20 nm have been imprinted and etched.
• 14 nm trenches were etched to a depth of 40 nm with HSQ resist mask.

This results have been obtained at
Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory
in cooperation with OPT
Y. Wu, D.L Olynick, A. Goodyear,
C. Peroz, S. Dhuey, X. Liang, S. Cabrini

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