Plasma Technology  

Dr Rangelow uses the Plasmalab 80 RIE system for Fluorine based RIE and another Plasmalab 80 RIE with Nitrogen glove box for Chlorine based processes.  

The photo shows the Plasmalab 80 Plus, which has replaced the Plasmalab 80.


with kind permission of:
  Uni Kassel
  Technische Physik
  Dr I Rangelow

RIE technology

Plasmalab 80 Plus

Si RIE Etching for AFM tips


4 µm deep Si etch

Etch Rate: 100 nm/ min
Fluorine based process
SiO2 or PR mask
anisotropic/ isotropic etch process
smooth walls

Atomic Force Microscopy
Electron Field Emission


10 µm AFM peaks

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