Plasma Technology  

Uni Kassel:
0.36 µm wide wall, 48 µm high
aspect ratio 130 : 1

optimised conditions for both steps by "gas chopping"

Si Cylinder etched by Gas Chopping

Reactive Ion Etching
Inductive Coupled Plasma Source
room temperature process
using gas chopping
He backside cooling

rate : 3- 5 µm/min with the ICP180
Rates up to 10 µm/ min are possible
with the larger ICP 380 source.
anisotropic etch
aspect ratio of isolated lines up to 130 : 1
selectivity to PR 300 - 1.000 : 1

with kind permission of Uni Kassel
Dr Rangelow, Mr Volland, Mr Ivanov

Uni Kassel:
50 µm deep etch

ICP layout

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