Plasma Technology  

lenses etched into Si

OPT application lab:
lenses etched into Si

ICP technology/ 6 kB

Reactive Ion Etching
with Inductive Coupled Plasma Source (ICP)

cluster with ICP sources/ 9 kB

Plasmalab System 100
with ICP380 sources

Si Lens ICP Etching

Rate: > 200 nm /min

Selectivity to PR: 2:1 (adjustable)

uniformity ± 3 % (6”)

Lenses: smooth, no residues

Fluorine based process

(Lower 2 SEMs from ECR etching in 1993)

lens etch

lens etch SEM

The photoresist profile is reproduced in silicon. Lens profile may be produced in photoresist either by reflowing or by grey-scale exposure. This process can be adjusted to give the desired selectivity silicon to resist around 2:1. This adjustment can be made during the process, to create changing radius lenses. Laser endpoint detection can be used on large areas of resist, to identify when all the resist has been removed.

lens etch SEM

lens etch SEM

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