Plasma Technology  


Kevin Gaughan uses the Plasmalab 80 Plus RIE system
with wide temperature range substrate electrode for
Fluorine based RIE of Si for MEMS applications.

Courtesy of Kevin Gaughan at
  Sarcos Research Corporation
  at University of Utah/ USA

RIE schematic/ 8 kB

Plasmalab 80 Plus (with Laser Interferometer)/ 28 kB

50 µm deep anisotropic Si RIE

50 µm deep Si etch/ 10 kB

Etch Rate: 1-1.4 µm/ min
temperature: - 70° C
SiO2 mask
anisotropic etch process
smooth walls
uniformity +/- 2 % (4")

40 µm deep MEMS structure/ 6 kB
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